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There is a lot of information out on the Internet related to bodybuilding, weightlifting, fitness, and nutrition. There are also a lot of personal home pages of people in these fields.

Below is a list of sites/pages (some are commercial) available on the 'Net. Being listed here does not constitute an endorsement of any kind.

There is no organization to this list other than the newest stuff is added to the end.

Weighty Matters
Tom Griffin's archive of interesting postings to the newsgroup and other places.

Anabolic Cooking - The Cookbook The Most Complete Cookbook And Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding & Fitness On The Market With Over 200 'Anabolicious' Recipes, You Will Never Be Bored With Your Diet Again.

Physique Techniques Fitness Home Page
A commercial site offering a wide range of services.

Jupiter Physique Art
A commercial site offering artistic photographs of male bodybuilders. Be warned: this site does contain nude pictures.

Ryan Katz's bodybuilding page.

Arnold's Bodybuilding Connection
A bodybuilding page maintained by Eric McDonald, a bodybuilder himself.

CyberIron Bodybuilding
CyberIron Home Page which has many links to many different sites.

American Body Building
A site that has many great pages on contest results, IFBB and NPC information, a list of Gold's and World's Gyms around the world, and lots of other stuff.

Faith Sloan's Bodybuilder Site
A great site dedicated to bodybuilding, discussion, articles, controversy, pix, and great links.

GymRat's Page
GymRat's page about BodyBuilding/Fitness/Health with a huge list of links to Internet sites.

Fortin Resources Group
A commercial site with a lot of nutritional products and information.

Charles Rotblut's Web Page
A page with a very good list of Internet fitness sites.

National Bodybuilding and Fitness Video Club
Information on the world's largest 'public library' of bodybuilding videos, and a quick reference guide on where to find the best bodybuilding info on the Net.

Weider Internet Site
The Weider Nutrition home page (commercial site) includes a lot of information about their products. You can order them over the net too.

Arnold Fitness Weekend
Official site for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend, including the Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Ms. Fitness World, and the Fitness Expo.

Men's Fitness
Web site for Men's Fitness Magazine.

National Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine
New on-line magazine about bodybuilding and fitness with a lot of links to other Internet sites.

The Training--Nutrition Homepage
The title pretty much says it all.

Ultimate Nutrition
A commercial site that offers its catalog of nutritional supplements.

MuscleNet, The Virtual Gym
A very nice concept with some very nice features. It also features training forums, a contest calendar, and personal ads and messages for bodybuilders seeking workout partners, relationships, and more.

Home of the HIT (High Intensity Training) Squad

Body Masters
Equipment manufacturers with an online catalog.

NBAF Photos
Some still shots from NBAF's pump room videos.

The Hugeness Homepage
A page to guide beginning and intermediate bodybuilders.

Elite Fitness
Dedicated to the promotion of exceptionally rapid and safe physique enhancement.

Directory of Bodybuilders, Weightlifters, Powerlifters, and Others on the Web
The name pretty much says it all.

Bodybuilding and Power Lifting
Japanese site devoted to bodybuilding and power lifting. Has photos of some of the top Japanese bodybuilders.

Iron Men of the Net
An archive of classic bodybuilding pictures from Ironman, Strength & Health, and others.

Exquisite Dimensions
A personal and promotional page for Roy L. Ponder.

The Fitness Connection
The leading centre for Health and Fitness in North Hertfordshire.

Body Mechanics
A good general site for training, nutrition, and photos of Northwest USA bodybuilders.

A page dedicated to a drug-free, rational approach toward bodybuilding.

East Coast Muscle
Internet magazine focused on competitions, bodybuilders, and gyms in the New York City, Metropolitan, and Tri-State area. Check it out for some great pictures and profiles.

Muscle Design Fitness Consultants
Fitness consultants that also offer information on amateur events, news, health, and exercise tips.

Active Trainer On-line
The resource is here to help users reach their fitness goals and provide information, inspiration, and hand-holding to make and change lives.

Ed Corney Page
A Web page dedicated to Ed Corney, one of the "oldies" but goodies.

Mike Francois' Home Page
The official web site of Mike Francois, IFBB professional, and one of the best bodybuilders ever.

Steve Jones Page
Web page for Steve Jones, bodybuilder and model.

The Truly Huge Web Page
This page is devoted to drug-free trainees and is intended to help them reach their ultimate size and strength potential.

Advantage Nutrition
Commercial nutritional supplier web site. The site is a "secure" web site, so you can even order products over the web.

Natural Physique Systems
A web site dedicated to promoting and informing natural bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fitness competitors. Maintained by Steve Kidwell, 1995 AAU Mr. America - 3rd place.

Art Minds Surf and Sport Photography
Photography celebrating the strength, beauty, and imagery of the male athletic physique.

Michael V. Tkaczyk, Artist
Original cartoons and caricatures, including some on bodybuilding.

PEXS The Male Muscle Cyberzine
A new commercial cyberzine. Need to pay to enter.

Gator's Bodybuilding Gear
On-line catalog of clothing for bodybuilders.

The makers of the famous weightlifting shoe have a web site and offer much more than just shoes, although you can order a pair if you want.

Bodybuilding and Fitness Supply
Commercial site with items ranging from supplements and clothing to accessories and equipment.

Bodyrock Productions
Commercial site offering audio and production services for the bodybuilding and fitness community.

The Fitness Partner Connection
Your connection to all things fitness, health, and nutrition related on the Web.

The First-Finger-Free workout gloves.

J.J. Marsh Home Page
Home page of IFBB Pro, J.J. Marsh.

Donald J. Potts' Bodybuilding Page
Bodybuilding and personal home page of Donald J. Potts, amateur bodybuilder.

Official site of ESPN2's BodyShaping, Fitness Beach, and Co-Ed Training
Title says it all.

Official web site of the MuscleMania competition.

The Ultimate Hair Away
The name says it all about this product.

ProTrack Fitness Software
A fitness software program designed to track your workouts, measurements, and personal fitness goals.

The Muscle Zone
A young site featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding in general, a picture gallery, and nutritional information.

Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc.
Site about Bill Pearl, his training, career, and commercial ventures.

BIGBOYS Weight Training Page
Hardcore training information.

CMAG'S Bodybuilding World
Training and diet information. Is a "brother" site of the BIGBOY site above.

Jeff's Bodybuilding/Weightlifting Links Directory
A very large directory of links sorted by category.

Matrix Mass System
Bodybuilding-Fitness exercise program. Build muscle without steroids. Includes training manual, supplement handbook, audio tape, monthly newsletter and personal support.

Dedicated to the serious male bodybuilder. Message board, muscle chat.

BRYX International
On line site for Bryx on line services, the more erotic side of male bodybuilding. Chat room, videos, and photos available. Run by Gregg Strom - Bodybuilder, model.

Weight (MUSCLE) gain and weight (FAT) loss information!

Granite Media
Fitness and bodybuilding lifestyles of the West Coast.

Musclemen of Singapore
Site for all fans of local Singapore (and other Asian areas) bodybuilders.

Custom designed training programs for the serious bodybuilder.

Fitness Club Exercise Clipart
Exercise clipart available for sale.

The Bodybuilding Page by Toomas Lukk
A bodybuilding page from Estonia.

Caveman Promotions
A bodybuilding contest in a cave.

Kevin Levrone's Home Page
The official site for IFBB pro Kevin Levrone.

Gold's Gym
The official web site for Gold's Gym

Muscle Memory
A very cool site which has contest results for bodybuilding contests from many years ago to the present. Can search by contest, by name, browse by year, etc.

Thorax's Iron Page
Hardcore Training and Nutrition Information for the beginner to the advanced.

Doc's Sports Bodybuilding
Regional contest results, profiles and a catalog of clothing merchandise.

Absolute Truth Hardcore Bodybuilding
A cool-looking site with information on programs, drugs, supplements, nutrition, etc.

Lowest Creatine Prices
Check this site out for the Absolute Lowest Price for Pure Creatine Monohydrate.

John Wood, Jr.
Official web site for John Wood, Jr., 1997 Jr. USA Runner-Up.

Commercial web page for Spray Vitamins.

Your Source for Nutrition on the 'Net.

Leo Ingram's Military Muscle
Official web page of Leo Ingram, 1995 Jr. USA Heavyweight and Overall winner and 1997 USA Heavyweight Runner-Up.

Mike Mills' Page
A good web site done my Mark Mills, 1996 Maryland State Lightweight Champ.

Mike's Bodyshop
German commercial site for bodybuilding supplements, clothing, etc.

Muscle Force Europe
Another German bodybuilding site.

Muscle Shrine of Silicondog
A small shrine to some of the sports great names.

The Pump Room
An awesome gallery of pro bodybuilders. Definitely worth the visit.

Pump Iron
From the makers of ESPN's American Muscle, comes their web site.

Ace Battle Supplies
Official home of Chemical Warfare and the Bennett Group.

Strength Coach
An organization dedicated to helping the average athlete become "elite."

The Iron Dungeon
Excellent site of links along with original stuff (like Hulkster's newsletter).

Dan's Bodybuilding Links
Dan Birch's page of links and comments on bodybuilding.

Iron Mountain Creative Systems
Bodybuilding and physique photo gallery.

Bodybuilding: The Right Way
Good site with good information on training, routines, nutrition, including a message forum and gallery too.

Australian Muscles
Australia's #1 Bodybuilding and Fitness Site

Shrine to Rich Gaspari: MuscleGod"
The title pretty much says it all.

ABC der FitnessWorld
A German bodybuilding and fitness site.

Fitness Factory Outlet
Online catalog of fitness and health products.

Marko Savolainen
A page of tribute to Marko Savolainen, and very big new pro.

Swisstom's Muscle Addict Gallery
Very nice gallery of muscle and bodybuilding stars.

Italian Bodybuilding
A site in Italian dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding.

Body Art Gallery
A page dedicated to Finnish bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

Nordine Zouareg
A page from Nordine Zouareg, Mr. Universe.

David Spindel's web site
Contains information on contest preparation, gaining weight, amino acids, and contest results.

The Monstrous Muscle Beef: Victor Richards
A site dedicated to the "Uncrowned Mr. Olympia" Victor Richards.

*_Holger's Galleries_*
A nice gallery dedicated the worship of male muscle.

NFPT-Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
A site to find out how and where you can find or be certified as a personal trainer.

HardCore Nutrition
A new supplement provider on the web.

SEI Sports Nutrition for Less
Online ordering site for products such as Creatine Monohydrate, DHEA, Androstene and Whey Protein.

Men of Steel, Iron, and Granite
A nice site featuring Dennis Newman, Frank Sepe, and Bill Davey.

Apollo Bodybuilding
A small site with links and an offer for steroid information.

Muscles by MuslPupi

Muscles by MuslPupi
A site to let amateur bodybuilders (male and female) post pictures and short resumes on the 'Net.

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T. Reilly Clothing Company
If you are looking for quality clothing for even the most massively built physique, this is the site for you.

Sports Nutrition Warehouse
Some of the best prices anywhere for sports nutrition products.

The Gateway to Bodybuilding and Fitness
A very thorough list of links to bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition sites.

Nasser El Sonbaty - Hardcore Muscle
A site dedicated to one of the biggest men in the sport, Nasser El Sonbaty

Peak Nutrition
Commercial site where you can purchase Creatine and other sports nutrition products.

Cynergy Fitness and Rehabilitation Systems
A high quality/low cost manufacturer of fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

Muscle Art by Ray Lawrence
A page with information about a physique artist and his work.

Thigh Masters - Men With Great Legs
Site dedicated to the admiration of great legs.

Skip La Cour
Web site for natural bodybuilding champion, Skip La Cour.

Powerhouse Gyms International, Inc
Official site for the Powerhouse chain of gyms.

Bodybuilding and Fitness Personal Ads
Name says it all.

Muscle East Video
Muscle East Video features new and upcoming bodybuilders from the East Coast.

Repetrope Productions
Features cleancut musclejocks posing, great pics, and good service.

Eagle's Teen Bodybuilding Page
A web page dedicated to teenaged bodybuilders.

Physique BodyWare USA & Waynes Wear Int'l
Clothing supplier. Check them out.

Muscle City
An online picture gallery were people can post their pictures for free.

Sandow - Historic Photographs of Early Bodybuilders
A web site is dedicated to turn-of-the-century muscle champions and the legacy they have left us.

Robinhood's Bodybuilding Site
A unique movie and bodybuilding site with links to over 240 bodybuilders. Updated weekly.

Body Extreme
A site with links, a female bodybuilder gallery, and other stuff.

Natural Bodybuilding, Inc.
A site listing some upcoming natural bodybuilding competitions.

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