Vondur is the name of a new band that we at Necropolis have signed in order to get back to the meaning of true evil. This band features the two original members of Abruptum line-up. It and All. These two morbid souls have come up with something that is co mpletely original and been never done before. Vondur's debut LP/CD will be released soon. In the meantime, here's an evil interview I did with It.

For the masses who have no idea what Vondur is, can you give a little history?
We don't give a fuck about the history.... We're for the Future!!! Actually, there is some history. We did some shows in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 and killed many people. There was no World War II. It was just Vondur playing...
How about a description of the Vondur concept??
VIOLENCE. It can't be described in any other words - Just VIOLENCE! VONDUR despises Peace! There are no nuclear weapons...there is only VONDUR!!
Line-Up??...You have ALL from the original ABRUPTUMM line-up. how did you get him??
He was a part of it. IT was ALL...
How about ABRUPTUM. what's going on with it??
We have now signed with FULLMOON PROD.. and we're going to record our third album very soon. It will be very dark, and obscure. It will be the best ABRUPTUM album. We also have a demo CD coming out on HELLSPAWN RECORDS called 'Evil Genius'. The title speaks for itself. It's about me. We're also going to do some limited vinyl. and some picture discs. People have finally opened their eyes to ABRUPTUM. We are the elite of Sweden...We are the elite of the world.
What do you think of today's Black Metal scene??
It's great. It only consists of MARDUK, VONDUR. ABRUPTUM, MYSTICUM, DISSECTION. and OPTHALAMIA. The elite. Besides that...there is NO Black Metal scene...
Any Last Comments?...
Typhon, I will send you some photos of my stomach. And don't forget about the action figures... VONDUR Supports Abortion! VONDUR Supports Death Penalties!! VONDUR don't care!!