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Gorgoroth was in late winter of 1992 formed by Infernus, Hat and Goat. Musical influences then, as now, were mainly the old metalbands such as Hellhammer/C. F., Bathory, Sodom, etc. A lot of energy has been put down in utterly distancing themselves from the seemingly never-ending, trendy attitudes and behavior of the wimpy N.W.O.B.H.M. - nerds, and the even more idiotic life-metallers with their (uninteresting) philosophies.
Gorgoroth plays True Norwegian Black Metal exclusively, and all available Gorgoroth material has proudly been released in the Name of Unholy Evil. The antichristian message stands as one of the most important aspects of the whole of Gorgoroth's existence.
The Music can best be described as intense and necro, yet full of dark moods, melancholy, and in some parts even quite melodic.
Other sources of inspiration are taken from their own thoughts and philosophies on matters like man against religion, and .goodness vs. evil. Gorgoroth's work is also inspired by the mighty Norwegian nature, by literature - such as J.R.R. Tolkien (, from where also the band's name was taken), and also some great classical composers; R. Wagner, to mention one.
In April 1993, the "A Sorcery."-demo was released, as a debut. This resulted in record-contract offers, and in Sept. 1994, Gorgoroth's first album, entitled "Pentagram", consisting of eight tracks, was released; Nine months after the recordingsession.
For the demo, a session bassist named "Kjettar" was used. He soon became replaced by Samoth (,from Emperor), for the "Pentagram"-album and gigs. Due to the fact that he was found guilty in burning an old church to the ground, he was in the early spring of 1995 imprisoned for one and a half year. This resulted in a replacement - Storm. Goat left in April 1994, one week before the debut concert. The day after, Frost of Satyricon became the new Gorgoroth drummer. He did several gigs with-, and appeared on Gorgoroth's 2nd album, "Antichrist", which now is released. -Frost left, and in the spring of 1995, Grim took his place - but has today been asked to leave the band.Today, Gorgoroth's only true member, is Infernus. Great guest-musicians are used for gigs and such.
Late 1995, when both Hat and Storm left, Pest and Ares helped out doing a gig together with Cradle of Filth - the 15th of Dec. 1995 - at Astoria, London. Gorgoroth have plans for the same line-up to tour Europe with Satyricon and Dissection.
Gorgoroth toured Europe in April - played 12 gigs, mainly in Germany. They also did a gig in Bergen (Norway) 23rd of May, 1996, together with Gehenna and Hades (among others) - Erik (Grim) has been asked to leave the band. - Infernus is working on the 3rd full-length Gorgoroth album (Still on Malicious), which will be entitled :
"Under the Sign of Hell"

All merchandise/further information can be ordered from Malicious Records


- The Sin of Satan is the Sign of Gorgoroth.

This was last edited the 28th of June, 1996

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